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Personal and delegation bodyguard services in the highest standards.


Security Consulting & Risk Management services to ensure that your security solution is always at the right level.


Advanced technological solutions in an evolving world.


Security of privet commercial facilities.


Our work


USS Security VIP is the security arm of the USS Group. The company provides security solutions for both private and public individuals and organizations in Israel and throughout the World. We provide independent evaluation and analysis of risk, and design and implement specific security solutions. We offer bodyguard services that are tailored for the needs of our customer through creative and technological solutions. Our company is managed by a professional staff of former governmental security officers and strategists.
USS Security’s mission is to ensure the safety and peace of mind of our clients: we are devoted to protecting their lives and property. USS offers expert security consulting services for business personnel, groups, organizations, and the private sector. We are committed to maintaining client satisfaction through open communication and collaboration. We seek to uphold the highest standards of the industry to ensure the fulfillment of our mission.
Through awareness of risks, expert planning, and detailed preparation, we inspire our clients’ confidence. We endeavor to provide the safest and most professional and discreet services available, at a reasonable cost. Our client list includes government offices, organizations, delegations, as well as private families and VIP individuals in Israel and abroad. We are looking forward to serving you and tailoring our services to fit your specific need.
In addition to the security arm, the USS Group has a sister company for management & maintenance of buildings ( The company manages and provides comprehensive and ongoing maintenance services for residential and commercial buildings.

Our Company

The USS Security Company provides security services and consulting in Israel and throughout the world. We fulfill the security needs of both private and public individuals and organizations.

Reliability & Professionalism

The USS Security Company, is managed by a professional staff of former governmental security officers.

Personal service

Security services are adapted to each customer based on a careful analysis of customer’s specific needs. USS is driven by a strong sense of mission for providing security and peace of mind. Our highly trained and motivated security personnel are devoted to protecting the lives of our customers.

Security systems

We provide service for low voltage systems (alarms, protection and communications). with twenty years of experience in the field of low voltage. Our company has espoused the importance of providing the reliable and transparent service to our customers starting from consulting via quotation and installation.


Acher Benkemoun

Acher Benkemoun

Foreign Relations

Director of International Relations. Extensive overseas experience. Member of the Board.

Amir Groman

Amir Groman

Cyber & Technology

Former Director of special Operations, Head of Security division over-seas and Director for operations - the Israel Security Agency (ISA - Shaback).

Nitzan Nuriel

Nitzan Nuriel


Brig. Gen. (Res), former director of the Counter-Terrorism Bureau of the Israel Prime Minster's office.

Zvi Avnon

Zvi Avnon


Manager & Special projects.


Reuven Admoni

Management & Security

Specialist in personal security and combined martial arts, including Dennis Survival (Black Belt Dan-3).
Served as CEO of leading companies in the Israeli economy.

USS Security VIP. - Logo


Yahalom Tower P.O.B. #3
1th floor 21th Tuval St.
Ramat-Gan 52521, Israel

TEL: +972-737069560

FAX: +972-2-9927466

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